STR-21G Sun Trackers

The compact single arm sun tracker is perfectly suited to support all kinds of Global, Diffuse and Direct Radiation measurement sensors. STR-21G is the base of the Solar Monitoring Systems (STR-21G-S), a turnkey measurement solution from EKO. The STR-21G provides a fully automated set up procedure through a GPS receiver providing increased reliability and enhanced functionality. 

From sunrise to sunset the compact sun-tracker guarantees accurate sun tracking and pointing of the attached solar sensors. The 2-axis tracker automatically adjusts to the sun’s position by the sun sensor closed-loop control system, even if the tracker is not oriented or leveled properly.

The sun-tracker comes standard with a small table tripod (larger tripod available). The 24 VDC low power consumption tracker can be powered by a solar-powered battery system or DC power supply. A wide range AC power adapter can be supplied to connect to the grid.

For over 20 years our clients who have deployed the STR sun-tracker, experience ease of set-up, operating and reliable tracking.

• Single arm Sun Tracker

• GPS for easy and accurate set up

• Standard Integrated Sun sensor

• Power consumption less than 10W

• RS-232 serial interface for position control

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