Rational Technologies Pvt. Limited (RTPL) a MSME company was formed in the 1995's and is an organization that works towards furthering all aspects science, industry, research, analyzing and development. RTPL is a customer focused organization and aims to provide solution for meteorological and environmental monitoring systems. 

We provide complete turnkey solution which includes mast, instrumentation, installation and maintenance of the system. We supply solutions for: -

  • Automatic Weather Station complete with mast and instrumentation
  • Airport Weather Observation System
  • Hydrological monitoring system
  • Meteorological and Environmental monitoring system include seismic monitoring
  • Solar Resource monitoring system including mast, tracker, pyranometer, Pyrheliometer etc.
  • Wind Resource monitoring system including mast of 80,100,120,130,140,160 meters with instrumentation, installation and support
  • PCVT measurement 
  • Water Resource Monitoring and Control System
  • Agriculture monitoring and control system
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Industrial Automation
  • Custom Solution