• Ultrasonic Anemometer

    Ultrasonic technology is used in wind sensors to deliver highly accurate measurements with no moving parts to wear or recalibrate making WindSonic products extremely reliable and low maintenance. WindSonic anemometers are alternatives to traditional cup and vane or propeller wind sensors but with all the benefits of solid-state ultrasonic technology.   

  • Pyranometer

    A pyranometer is a sensor that converts the global solar radiation it receives into an electrical signal that can be measured. Pyranometers measure a portion of the solar spectrum.

  • Sun Tracker

    Solar tracker, a system that positions an object at an angle relative to the Sun. The most-common applications for solar trackers are positioning photovoltaic (PV) panels (solar panels) so that they remain perpendicular to the Sun's rays and positioning space telescopes so that they can determine the Sun's direction.

  • Weather Stations
  • Albedometers
  • Pyrheliometer
  • Data Logger
  • Sensor
  • Rain

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