MS-80S Albedometer
  • MS-80S Albedometer
  • MS-80S Albedometer

MS-80S Albedometer

The MS-80S Albedometer utilises two Class A MS-80S ‘fast-response’ and ‘spectrally flat’ Pyranometers with 5-year warranty and competition-busting 5-year recalibration interval, each with our unique 4-channel analog and digital interface, providing compatibility with 99% of data loggers and SCADA systems.


  • <0.5s Super-Fast response for always accurate measurements
  • <1W/m² Record Lowest Zero Offset A, and <0.5% Lowest Non-Stability over 5-Years
  • Level A EMI/EMC Electronics Surge Filter & Protection
  • 5 Year Warranty & Recommended Recalibration Interval
  • Designed for IEC 61724-1 compliant photovoltaic system performance monitoring
  • 4-channel Analog & Digital Interface plus Internal Diagnostics
  • Optional MV-01 Ventilator & Heater
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