• GMX400


GMX400 Temperature, Humidity, Pressure & Precipitation Sensor

The Gill MaxiMet GMX400 combines the GMX100 and GMX300 into a single unit. It is extremely compact, robust and lightweight, enabling accurate measurement of precipitation plus a wide range of weather parameters.

Three double-louvered naturally aspirated radiation shields deliver long term highly accurate weather data. Parameters measured include temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, absolute humidity, air density and wet bulb temperature.


• Temperature, humidity and pressure sensor
    • Naturally aspirated
    • UV stable radiation shield
    • Dust and precipitation protected
• Precipitation sensor
    • Optical rain gauge
    • No moving parts unlike tipping bucket rain gauges
• Lightweight and compact
• Robust construction
• Low power consumption
• No moving parts
• Extremely low maintenance
• 24 months warranty

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