It is a plastic rainfall gauge on a weather station. Compared with the standard stainless steel tipping bucket rain gauge, it is a more commercial rain gauge with a low price. It adopts the working principle of the standard tipping bucket rain gauge, but due to material problems, accuracy and service life are slightly lower than stainless steel rain gauge. If you are a beginner in the rain gauge, or if you have a limited budget and want to buy a cheap rain gauge, then our abs tipping bucket rain gauge will be your best choice.

ABS rain gauge parameters

  • Inner diameter: Φ200mm/8 inch
  • Resolution: 0.2mm
  • The acute angle of cutting edge: 40°~45°
  • Operating Temperature: 0~50℃
  • Working humidity: <95% (40℃)
  • Measuring range: 0mm~4mm/min
  • Accuracy: ≤±7%
  • Power supply: 10V~30V DC
  • Output signal: RS485/Pulse
  • Mounting holes: Three mountings
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