Sulfur Dioxide(SO2) Sensor
  • Sulfur Dioxide(SO2) Sensor

Sulfur Dioxide(SO2) Sensor

RE-SO2*-*-2-* sulfur dioxide sensor adopts wall-mounted installation and is used in occasions where the concentration of sulfur dioxide leakage needs to be monitored. With the free platform provided by our company, real-time monitoring data can be viewed. Our so2 sensor has four output modes: RS485, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20ma

SO2 Sensor Parameters

Power supply: 10~30V DC
Temperature measurement range: -40~80
Temperature accuracy: ±0.5(25)
Humidity measurement range: 0~100%RH
Humidity accuracy: ±3%RH(60%RH,25)
SO2 measurement range: 0~20.00ppm(default)
SO2 Resolution: 0.1ppm
Operating temperature: -20~+50
Working humidity: 15%RH~90%RH
Stability: ≤2% signal value/month
Detection accuracy: ±5%FS or ±10%
Output signal: RS485/Analog

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