Soil Tensiometer
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Soil Tensiometer

This soil tensiometer uses the principle of negative pressure to measure soil moisture and studies soil moisture movement from an energy perspective. The transparent PVC pipe can clearly see the water volume, and the low end is equipped with a high-quality clay head, which is fast and airtight, and the measurement is accurate. We offer rs485 soil tension meter and 4-20ma soil tension meter for your choice.

Soil tensiometer datasheets

Working temperature 0-60
Measuring range -100kpa-0
Measurement accuracy ±0.5kpa (25)
Resolution 0.1kpa
Power supply 10-24V wide DC power supply
Shell material transparent PVC plastic pipe
Protection grade IP67
Output signal RS485 (Modbus protocol), 4~20mA current output
Power consumption RS485: 0.8W, 4~20mA: 0.5W
Response time 200ms
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